3 Yodels: Scott Bell

3 Yodels is a series where photographers and illustrators discuss their professional interests and how they are able to utilize Yodelist to help their marketing goals come to fruition. 3 quick questions – 3 thoughtful answers.
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Recently we had the chance to chat with Scott Bell, a commercial photographer based in Chicago with over 20 years of experience shooting advertising campaigns as well as editorial assignments. He primarily shoots people on location with a focus on capturing a healthy and active lifestyle on film. Scott has shot projects for McDonald’s, the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Panthers, Men’s Health magazine and Dick’s Sporting Goods, just to name a few. Scott shared with us his photography interests and how he pulls together his marketing efforts.

1. What type of photography do you produce and what kind of companies/industries are of interest to you?

I create dynamic action photos of people doing their thing! I love working with athletes of all types to showcase their particular skill and I gear the work towards sports/fitness related clients. End use ranges from athlete endorsements, equipment manufacturers, clothing, retail stores, team promotions etc.

2. How did the Yodelist interface work in your favor while sourcing your targeted market?

I found the interface pretty easy to navigate but I got a little “snow blind” while trying to narrow down the list. It was really important to me not to add to the spam emails that are destroying a great way for reaching out to clients. No matter how I sliced it, I was looking at over 6000 emails and I knew that was too much. I was having a hard time deciding where to make cuts and I ended up reaching out to Heather Lefort of iHeartMarketing and asked her to take a look.

3. How did you decide which recipients to target for your email campaign? Do you reach out mostly to prior business contacts or look to find new potential business prospects?

Heather and I talked and I shared with her the direction my promos are taking for this year’s campaign. With that in mind, she created a list that covered my target market (sports) as well as a smaller but broader segment of agencies, in house and design shops from across the country. I added my personally culled contacts from leads and current clients. After going through the data we decided to add a list that was heavier on my local market as well.

I then created the email myself with the easy-to-use email builder in Yodelist and added an appropriate subject line. I received a good open rate and the click-through response was decent. I also had a few social media shares and ZERO opt-outs. Results were far better than what I had been experiencing elsewhere.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 10.15.57 AM

Scott Bell Photography






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