3 Yodels: Dennis Stevens

3 Yodels is a series where photographers and illustrators discuss their professional interests and how they are able to utilize Yodelist to help their marketing goals come to fruition. 3 quick questions – 3 thoughtful answers.

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Dennis Stevens is an ambitious photographer who is finding great success shooting commercial, lifestyle and performance-based photography. In a few short years Dennis has shot projects with Honeywell, the Winter Park Fire Department and Jesse McCartney. His determination to leave his mark within the industry is quite remarkable given that he just recently turned 18 years old.

1. What type of photography do you produce and what kind of companies/industries are of interest to you?

I primarily shoot lifestyle-advertising photography, but also dabble in industrial images. I send my work out to corporate in-house marketing teams as well as major U.S. agencies that hold media accounts for lifestyle brands.

2. How did the Yodelist interface work in your favor while sourcing your targeted market?

I am young and, until three months ago, had no identity within the advertising industry. I created a list in the Yodlist interface that included nearly every art producer in the country. I was able to pinpoint what industries I did not want to market to and excluded them from my list. If I had done this the traditional way, I would have spent weeks gathering the contact information of the producers. Yodelist worked fantastic to create my Rolodex.

3. How did you decide which recipients to target for your email campaign? Do you reach out mostly to prior business contacts or look to find new potential business prospects?

I dream big. I knew that because I was young, I would have to do something drastic. So at a single push of a button, I emailed a campaign out to every single producer on that list. I introduced myself, my work, what I have planned for the future and let them know that they should keep up with my work. Fortunately, the response was fantastic. I will credit my age to the reactions I received but nonetheless I was very happy with my first jump into the industry. Since my initial email to these producers, I have been fortunate enough to not only build friendships with a number of them but to have booked commercial work. Regarding who I reach out to now, I primarily reach out to the same art producers while adding new contacts every chance I get.

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Dennis previously discussed his project featuring the Winter Park Fire Department with contributor Suzanne Sease and their conversation can be found here.

Dennis Stevens





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