3 Yodels: Jeff Berting

3 Yodels is a series where photographers and illustrators discuss their professional interests and how they are able to utilize Yodelist to help their marketing goals come to fruition. 3 quick questions – 3 thoughtful answers.

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Jeff Berting is a lifestyle photographer based in Southern California. Before picking up the camera full-time he worked for 13+ years in Art Direction and he brings that experience and insight to all of his assignments. His projects tend to focus on healthy living and travel and he’s best at capturing his photography subjects in their natural environment whether it be in the office or the ocean. Previous clients of Jeff’s have included NBC Universal, Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Sempra Energy, and Toyota as well as several SoCal publications like Southbay magazine, Ventura Blvd magazine and Volleyball magazine. Jeff took the time out to give us some insights on managing his photography business as well as shared some images from a recent project promoting tourism in Phoenix.
1What type of photography do you produce and what kind of companies/industries are of interest to you?
My focus has been active lifestyle and environmental portraits.  I like being out and about meeting new people and getting a glimpse into their world, so it has been a good combination.  I’m interested in companies, industries and individuals that have a passion for what they do and stand by their work.  I’ve found that when people are passionate they are the easiest to work with and make the best subjects. With that passion comes an ease with themselves and with their environment.
That is when their eyes light up and you get those great photos that show a bit of their personality and a sense of intimacy.
2. How did the Yodelist interface work in your favor while sourcing your targeted market?
I really like how the Yodelist interface can go from broad strokes down to a macro level.  I’ve created several lists, some of which are big broad ones for certain promos while other lists are very target based on region, industry and position.  This way I can send out specialized promos and updates to specific individuals and not just a mass mailer every six weeks or so. 
3. How did you decide which recipients to target for your email campaign? Do you reach out mostly to prior business contacts or look to find new potential business prospects?
The recipients for my email campaigns really depends on the imagery.  I think about the brand and if the image is appropriate to that brand. I also like to put myself on the receiving end and think if I saw this promo “Would I hire me to shoot for X brand?” For that reason I like using Yodelist’s directory to find new potential business contacts.   I have my own contacts entered into Yodelist but I really like it for trying to find creatives at companies that I’m interested in but have not yet made direct contact.  Without Yodelist I would not have any other way of reaching out to them or getting in touch with them.  Often times a brand will have multiple agencies for different aspects of their business so it’s nice to see who those companies and people are so I can approach them. I have found that the contacts in Yodelist are solid contacts and that they are going to the right people.
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