Yodelist success story: Todd Kale and the new math

It was June 2020, the reality of Covid-19 had settled in and illustrator Todd Kale knew he needed to generate assignments. He got to work creating the promotion you see here, built a list that included magazine and newspaper art directors and hit send. One of the responses he received was from Bizjournals.com which led to an ongoing series called “The New Math” about at the effects of Covid-19 on different business sectors. The experience has taught him a lot. Todd says, “While there’s a lot of bad news out there, the adaptability of our country is impressive and encouraging.” And he says, he has used the assignment to hone his 3D skills which are now helping him work more efficiently.

Below we’ve included some of Todd’s recent favorites’s he’s created as part of this ongoing project for ACBJ.

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