Success Stories: Laura Casner

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2017 © Laura Casner

Next up in our Success Stories series is photographer Laura Casner, whose email showcase (shown below) landed her a new project for Mini Cooper. Here’s Laura’s take on both her campaign strategy the experience working with Mini:

“The email was first in a year long marketing push to introduce my work to prospective new clientele in general, but also to specific clients who would be a match for my outdoor lifestyle, wellness, and travel vibe. The Ad Agency contacted me because they had an upcoming experiential event for Mini Cooper and they wanted to ensure they knocked it out of the park to win future work. They thought my outdoor/adventure/travel vibe would be a good fit for the mood, and theme. The event was a loop route that provided attendees a mini getaway from the hustle of the city. They drove 50 minis at a time from downtown, to a secluded farm in the redwoods and back. My job was to document the experience mostly in real time, and with some staged shots of cars.” 

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More proof that incredible talent, beautiful images and smart, targeted marketing are a winning combination, congrats Laura! You can see more of Laura’s work here.

Yodelist Success Stories: Anthony Foronda


As part of our new “Success Stories” series, we’re showcasing Yodelist creatives who’ve successfully launched email campaigns that not only added exposure, but also brought new and exciting jobs and projects with a wide variety of clients. First up is illustrator Anthony Foronda. Here’s what he had to say about his first two campaigns and the resulting project he’s working on:

“I have had two email campaigns through Yodelist and just received my first illustration project from Cricket Media. I will create 5 spot illustrations for their April 18th issue of Spider magazine. The illustrations will accompany a feature short story about a Ugandan Folktale.”

Below is the emailer that attracted Cricket Media, followed by several more examples of Anthony’s work.




Congrats on the new project Anthony! Looking forward to seeing your work and the story when it’s released.

Anthony Foronda is an internationally recognized award-winning illustrator & designer. He has been chosen in American Illustration, Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Illustration West, Awarded in Alternative Pick Awards, and the International Luerzer’s Archive’s “200 Best Illustrators Worldwide” Biennial. HIs work stands out with color & texture and is conceptually thought provoking. He has worked in the editorial and advertising markets. Anthony lives in rural Putnam, CT USA, New England.

Introducing the Creative Playdate Podcast!

Welcome to the brand new Creative Playdate Podcast by Michelle Kondrich, which will also be syndicating on the Workbook blog.

Creative Playdate is a great new interview show that fills some essential voids in the creative podcast community, namely the entry of a really great female host focusing on the challenges of being a creative professional AND a parent, which is a topic that is very much overlooked in the creative industry. However this is NOT a parenting podcast, and Michelle already has some great guests recorded and waiting to release, such as Jessica Hische, Jennifer Daniels, Keith Negley, Daniel Hertzberg, Jaime Zollars and more! Stay tuned and click HERE for the podcasts!


In Michelle’s words:

Creative Playdate is here!

I’ve been sitting on this and hinting about it and talking about it and now it is live in the world. Thank you to everyone who has supported the show so far and thank you for listening. If you enjoy it, please be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. The show is also being syndicated at

Episode 1 is an interview with the incredibly talented Lucy Knisley. She is a New York Times Bestselling author, not to mention a prolific cartoonist. Her insightful comics can be found on her website. Together we discuss her use of comics as a way to process the world and, now, to process motherhood and about how difficult it can be to work in the same house as a small child.


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