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Yodelist Newsletter August 2017

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Introducing the Creative Playdate Podcast!

Welcome to the brand new Creative Playdate Podcast by Michelle Kondrich, which will also be syndicating on the Workbook blog.

Creative Playdate is a great new interview show that fills some essential voids in the creative podcast community, namely the entry of a really great female host focusing on the challenges of being a creative professional AND a parent, which is a topic that is very much overlooked in the creative industry. However this is NOT a parenting podcast, and Michelle already has some great guests recorded and waiting to release, such as Jessica Hische, Jennifer Daniels, Keith Negley, Daniel Hertzberg, Jaime Zollars and more! Stay tuned and click HERE for the podcasts!


In Michelle’s words:

Creative Playdate is here!

I’ve been sitting on this and hinting about it and talking about it and now it is live in the world. Thank you to everyone who has supported the show so far and thank you for listening. If you enjoy it, please be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. The show is also being syndicated at Workbook.com/blog.

Episode 1 is an interview with the incredibly talented Lucy Knisley. She is a New York Times Bestselling author, not to mention a prolific cartoonist. Her insightful comics can be found on her website. Together we discuss her use of comics as a way to process the world and, now, to process motherhood and about how difficult it can be to work in the same house as a small child.




Recently we here at Yodelist have started listening to photography podcasts to get a better feel of the industry and where it’s going. Here are a few that have piqued our interest:

What podcasts do you listen to that we missed?

Calling All Photographers!


The Agent / Photographer Relationship with Patti Schumann

Everything you ever wanted to know about the agent/photographer relationship. This is a tell all, show all, know all regarding the ins-and-outs of this very critical strategic alliance. The right relationship is an extraordinary partnership where all parties feel mutually successful and rewarded. The wrong relationship can be highly detrimental to the path of an artist. This is not a relationship that should be taken lightly. This workshop will provide insight as well as concrete worksheets and checklists that will be informative to both the photographer seeking marketing consultation as well as the seasoned pro who is looking to enhance and support an existing agent relationship.

Who should attend this event:

  • Photographers
  • Agents
  • Industry professional who want to learn more about the photographer/agent relationship.

What will be covered:

  1. Is there a industry standard artist rep. agreement?
  2. What does an equitable and fair agency agreement look like? We’ll show you.
  3. We’ll address the biggest misconceptions photographers have about signing with an agent.
  4. Critical business areas to know, understand, and negotiate upfront before signing with a agent.
  5. How to negotiate on your own behalf and protect your business interests.
  6. Alternate ways to get your work seen outside the traditional representation model.
  7. Portfolio Preparation
  8. And, we’ll answer any and all questions.

For ticket info click HERE

And The Winner Is…

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Congrats to March’s winner Whitney Eshelman! We loved that she thought outside the box with our Luck of the Irish theme – great job! If you’re a photographer or illustrator in Los Angeles looking for a little creative inspiration make sure to check out Whitney’s blog HoopLA for all the cool events happening around the city. Stay tuned for April’s theme!

Yodelist Success Stories


After a brief hiatus we are happy to jumpstart our blog with several pieces of original content highlighting photographers and illustrators who have had a positive experience navigating Yodelist. If you are a subscriber who would like to be featured in a piece please feel free to submit your request to support@yodelist. com.

First up is photographer Siri Berting.


I am a lifestyle photographer with a focus on kids and interiors. The two subjects blend well together for clients because my interior shots come to life with the addition of a little human element, which is usually a little human. The clients I am interested in working with are ones who like bringing a little life, whimsy and authenticity to their brands.

I tend to target clients by sending email promos and postcards to specific art buyers, creative directors and art directors whose client list would match my work. I also target specific clients by researching brands and staff on LinkedIn and then add them to My Contact Groups in Yodelist.

For the Bed Bath and Beyond catalog project, I was initially contacted by the creative director at the ad agency that was working on the catalog. He reached out to me to let me know they were interested in working with me on this potential project and to see if I was interested as well. Then once that was established my rep worked with the art buyer to work out the specifics.

Working on this new catalog concept for Bed Bath and Beyond was a huge collaborative process.  This was a big new branded step for them with the goal of increasing awareness of their large furniture and home furnishings collection, which is mostly found online. The preparation for this shoot consisted of many conference calls, lots of questions and suggestions on timing and flow along with exacting location videos and Google maps to understand how the light flowed through the house and how it affected our shoot schedule. I really enjoyed the collaborative process and being able to bring ideas and concepts to the project.

The thing that is interesting about how this project came about is that the Creative Director was checking out my email promos for a few months before he approached me, and I could track that through Yodelist. I make an effort to keep track of who clicks and opens my promos and his name kept popping up. Then I heard from him directly. It was really great to see a direct link between my consistent messaging and branding leading to the work I want.


To view more of Siri’s work visit her website of check out her social media here:

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